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Veterans with Prostate Cancer

Prostate Seed Institute Comprehensive, Sensitive Cancer Care for Active Military and Veterans

Learning that you have cancer is a devastating. With emotions high, you try to disseminate all the information being given to you at once as you seek to quickly understand your diagnosis, your choices for treatment, the potential for side effects, and your prognosis. The fear that we experience as newly diagnosed cancer patients is common to all of us. For those who have bravely served our country or continue to serve our country, a cancer diagnosis can be terrifying and certainly seem especially unfair in light of all they have already sacrificed. At the Prostate Seed Institute, our goal is always to offer the best, most comprehensive, most compassionate cancer care available to all our patients including our active military and veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014 now requires that the VA provide payment to private providers that are treating qualified veterans who are unable to receive a timely appointment at a VA hospital or outpatient clinic within 40 miles of their home. The Prostate Seed Institute is a private facility that provides prostate cancer treatment to all patients and proudly offers services to all active military and veterans.

Speedy diagnosis and treatment is especially important when it comes to prostate cancer because such cancer is easily treated and even cured in most cases, especially when the cancer is still localized. We offer a variety of treatment options including prostate seed implementation – or brachytherapy – a state-of-the-art, highly effective procedure that is the preferred method of treatment at the Prostate Seed Institute. In fact, the Institute has treated thousands of men with this fast and effective procedure and brachytherapy continues to be the fastest growing method of treatment for prostate cancer in the U.S.

Physician Owned. Physician Operated.

The Prostate Seed Institute is different in large part because of how it’s managed. The facility is independently owned and operated by Dr. Gregory Echt, one of the leading radiation oncologists in the country. As a result, the Prostate Seed Institute is operated with the guiding principles that are important to Dr. Echt which means, in this case, that the Institute is wholly patient-focused with customized treatment plans tailored to meet each patient’s needs.

Providing the highest level of prostate cancer care for our active and veteran servicemen includes:

  • State-of-the-art equipment including on-site diagnostic equipment such as the PET/CT scanner.
  • A team of medical professionals such as radiation specialists and oncology doctors who are completely committed to the highest standards of cancer care.
  • Customized treatment plans to address each person’s unique diagnosis and lifestyle to maximize the potential for cure and minimize side-effects.
  • Treatment options that include everything from chemotherapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), to prostate seed implant therapy.

Giving Our Military the Very Best

As a team, we provide the very highest standards of prostate cancer treatment to our military servicemen. As a result, we’ve created one of the most comprehensive programs in the country and we are proud to work with each of our patients to put together the very best treatment plan to achieve the best chances for success. It is always our mission to provide our patients with the highest respect and a team to support them through their journey to good health.

We invite you to call the Prostate Seed Institute today at 214-379-2700 to schedule your appointment. We are also happy to answer any of your questions.