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Vegan Diet May Lower Prostate Cancer Risks

Men hoping to cut their risk of developing prostate cancer may find one of the more effective ways to do that is by adopting a vegan diet. That’s according to a recent study that showed prostate cancer risks dropped rather nicely in men who employed this quite strict eating routine in their daily lives.

To arrive at the findings, researchers analyzed nearly 27,000 men who participated in a study to see if diet could play a role. Men in the study included groups that eat meat, some meat, dairy and eggs, but no meat, fish only and true vegans. When all was said and done, the vegan group showed statistically significant protective associations against prostate cancer risk. Other recent studies have backed up the vegan findings by showing a link between meat and prostate cancer.

Men interested in adopting a vegan diet will find the routine is simple, but not necessarily easy to stick with at first. The diet involves fruits, vegetables and grains with no meat and no dairy products. Egg and milk substitutes are used in place of these often necessary meal ingredients.

Prostate cancer strikes an estimated 200,000 American men each year. Approximately 30,000 American males die from this disease annually. While early detection and intervention can produce positive results, avoidance is the preferred route for many men. Risk factors for the disease include many items that men simply cannot control – including just being a man. Diet, however, is one aspect that can be changed. A vegan routine may offer help on this front. For those who cannot adhere to such a strict eating routine, a healthy, well-balanced diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits can also be a wise choice.

Men who are age 50 and above are urged to discuss their prostate cancer risks with their healthcare providers. Routine screening is generally recommended as men age to enable early detection of this disease should it present.