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Choosing a Texas Prostate Cancer Treatment Center

There are a number of prostate cancer care centers in Texas. While some are affiliated to hospitals, others are stand alone clinics. It is not always easy to find the most suitable option when you have so many to choose from. Below are the factors to consider when choosing a Texas prostate cancer treatment center.

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration among medics-Successful prostate cancer treatment takes a multidisciplinary collaboration between pathologists, oncologists, urologists and radiologists
  • Full range of treatment options-There is a number of treatment options for prostate cancer patients including surgery, radio therapy, hormone therapy, surveillance and cryosurgery. However, not all options are suitable for all patients. Top Texas prostate cancer centers have oncologists who help men diagnosed with this type of cancer to establish their best treatment option. When assessing what treatment option is best suited for an individual, patients work together with their oncologists to analyze the expected side effects as well as costs. A center with personnel and equipment to offer the full range of treatment options under one roof is ideal for when you settle for an integrated treatment plan.
  • Proximity of the center from your home-Some treatment options may take time and may require you to frequently visit the center. A Texas prostate cancer center that is located close to your home would be most suitable to save you time and cost spent commuting to the clinic.
  • Reputation of the clinic-Do your due diligence to find out how the center has been rated in terms of delivering treatments, quality of patient care and success in treating prostate cancer. Ensure that the center you settle for has been accredited by the relevant bodies.
  • Support services-Support groups play a crucial role in providing moral support to patients and caregivers. Select a center that has social workers, patient and caregiver support resources.

Before making a final decision, tour the various preferred prostate cancer centers to ascertain that they meet your standards and then you can decide which center will be best.