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Shortening Prostate Cancer Treatment

Having a cancer diagnosis is difficult enough to wrap your brain around without having to seemingly turn your life over to treatments. Cancer treatment can be long, arduous, and overpowering to a daily routine. Suddenly your whole life is swept up in a treatment schedule over which you seem to have no control. Worse still is the fact that so many cancer treatments result in side effects that can leave you feeling ill and can dramatically decrease your quality of life.

Obviously until we are able to find a fast and totally effective cure for cancer, finding the best treatment to manage the disease is the ultimate goal and it is what continues to fuel research efforts on a daily basis.

With regard to prostate cancer specifically, treatment time has been significantly reduced with the development of prostate seed implantation (brachytherapy).Prostate seed implantation is a fast, non-surgical procedure that allows for effective treatment and minimal side effects.

During prostate seed implantation, tiny, radioactive seeds are planted within the prostate. Ultrasound allows doctors to specifically inject the seeds into the appropriate location within the prostate to provide the most effective treatment. Over time, the material that makes up the prostate seeds begins to deteriorate and radiation is released. Studies have shown that treatment through prostate seed implantation allows the cancer to be targeted specifically so that high doses of radiation go straight to the source without nearby tissues being impacted.

Not only is the brachytherapy procedure completed within just an hour, this is a permanent treatment that does not require that the seeds be removed once all the radiation has been released.

Prostate seed implantation has changed the face of prostate cancer care, shortening the time that patients have to undergo treatment and offering new hope for cancer patients who want the most effective treatment while still having the ability to live their lives as normally as possible.