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Selecting the Right Doctor for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Let’s face it; most people have never had the need to select an oncologist nor did they ever anticipate they would have to do so. If the diagnosis is prostate cancer, there are some things that can help men select the best possible practitioner for the job. After all, confidence in the medical professional overseeing a case is critical for outcome.

So, what do men need to look for when selecting a doctor for prostate cancer treatment? Here are just a few things that are important in the selection process that go beyond the basics of having the right degree, licensing and specialty:

  • Treatment options – Prostate cancer treatment is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. If an oncologist or surgeon represents it as such, a man might want to be wary. While there are particular procedures that are indicated based on staging, the reality is the best doctors are able to perform a number of different treatments. From less invasive prostate seed therapy for early stage cases to more aggressive surgical procedures blended with radiation and chemotherapy for more advanced cases, a good physician will be an expert in them all.
  • Beside manner – Prostate cancer is a very scary diagnosis for most men. With that in mind, the best doctors will be more than willing to sit down and explain the options, answer questions, and help patients come to informed decisions on how to proceed with treatment. If a doctor isn’t willing to spend a bit of time putting a patient’s mind at ease, he or she is not likely the right hire for the job.
  • Success rate – Keep in mind that prostate cancer is a serious disease the does result in death in some cases. A perfect track record just isn’t feasible here. That said, however, a strong track record for successful surgeries and treatment rates is more than feasible.

Picking the right doctor for prostate cancer treatment is important. Take the time to review the options and interview prospects before making a final choice. A good doctor will have a strong track record for success and a genuine concern for patients’ well-being and peace of mind.