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Relationship between Prostate Cancer and Race

Prostate cancer is associated with various factors. These factors include; age, family history, race/ethnicity, geography, and gene changes. There are other factors though their impact on causing prostate cancer is lower. These factors include; obesity, diet, smoking, chemical exposure, sexually transmitted diseases, vasectomy and prostate inflammation.

The article will focus on race risk. Risk factors can accelerate your chances of getting the disease. What you should note about prostate cancer:

  • Prostate cancer is an epidemic among African Americans. Black men have higher chances of diagnosis with prostate cancer. Most black Americans die from prostate cancer two times more than whites.
  • Most black men are not on active surveillance for prostate cancer. Most of them have issues with prostate cancer, but it is difficult to get one who is on inactive surveillance. African Americans often complain about the discomforts created through digital rectum exams and biopsy. Hopefully the introduction of radical prostatectomy will reduce this problem.

Your race can contribute to how you seek medical information and diagnosis. Most people act depending on what their family and society encourage. Seeking prostate cancer surveillance will help reduce the risks of diagnosis with the disease. It will also ensure earlier detection, treatment and management of cancer.