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Questions to Ask Your Physician

A cancer diagnosis can throw anyone into a tailspin. There is so much to consider and so many decisions to make that it can be difficult to know where to turn next. Your doctor will work with you to give you the pertinent information including type and stage of cancer. They will also likely lay out a preliminary treatment plan of how you’re going to go about tackling your disease. With so much information coming at you so fast, however, it can be challenging to keep everything straight. When you leave the doctor’s office and have a chance to relax a little and reflect on the information that you have been given, you may find that you have quite a few questions. In fact, you will likely have questions throughout the process and that’s important. It’s crucial that you keep a list of your questions and present them to your medical team as you need. If you are working with the right team, you will find that your questions are met with respect and a willingness to make you comfortable with the answers.

So what are the questions that you may not have thought of when it comes to prostate cancer?

What is your stage and grade of cancer? And what is your PSA level?

What is the benefit of getting a second opinion?

What is the prognosis? What is the potential for cure? What is the potential for recurrence?

Has your cancer spread or is it localized?

What is the plan for treatment? Is surgery required? Is prostate seed implantation a possibility? Will chemotherapy or radiation be necessary?

What are the side effects I can expect of treatment?

Chances are you will have many questions throughout the process of cancer treatment. It’s so important to value your needs as the person who is actually dealing with the disease. Take good notes and talk to your doctor and your medical team and be sure to get the answers that make you feel comfortable.