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What Are Prostate Seed Implants?

Getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary whether it’s your personal diagnosis or one given to someone you love. There are treatment options available that can make a big difference without involving the need for complicated surgical procedures. Prostate seed implants, for example, could provide the treatment required to get this condition under wraps for good.

What Are They?

Prostate seed implants are tiny radioactive pellets that are placed in or near the prostate tumor itself. The radiation these seeds give off is considered a low-dose rate. Over the period of several weeks to months, the seed breaks down, but kills cancer cells in the process.

About the Procedure

Also known as Brachytherapy, this type of implant surgery is typically done in an out-patient facility. It takes about an hour or so to complete. Once done, the patient can go home and is generally back at their normal routine within a day or two.

The use of prostate seed implants has been a common practice for more than 15 years. It is considered a highly effective treatment for stopping cancer growth in its tracks.

Is it the Only Option?

Absolutely not. While implants are a favored choice for many patients and doctors because they are less invasive, there is a whole tool box available to doctors for treating this disease. The use of targeted radiation, surgical procedures, hormone therapy, and more can all be a part of treatment.

If you’re considering implants, be sure to consult your physician. The best option in your case is best decided between you, your doctor, and your loved ones.