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Why Prostate Seed Implants Make Sense for Many Men

A diagnosis of prostate cancer might feel like the end of the world, but the reality is men who are aggressive about screening procedures are likely to find their prognosis is quite positive. Highly effective treatments are available for this potentially fatal disease. And, while sometimes treatments must be very aggressive, some men will find options that are non-surgical at their disposal. Prostate seed implants are one of those options.

Prostate seed implants are a favored treatment option of many doctors and their patients for a few good reasons. This particular treatment is much less invasive than typical surgical techniques and it can result in the enjoyment of a much more normalized lifestyle during eradication of the disease. What’s more is that side effects tend to be lower risk and men will find they are not confined to sick beds or hospitals during prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate seed implants are tiny radioactive “seeds” that are placed in the prostate cancer tumor site. As these seeds disintegrate over time they kill cancer cells in a highly targeted manner. Unlike other radiation treatments, these seeds are not likely to damage healthy tissue as they work to kill off cancer cells. What’s more is that the procedure to implant seeds typically only takes about an hour and men can go home generally on the same day and return to a normal lifestyle within a few days.

This type of treatment has been proven highly effective at battling early stage prostate cancer. It might not be right for every particular case, however. With that in mind, men should carefully weigh their options and discuss all treatment proposals thoroughly with their doctors. When the diagnosis comes early though this treatment option is likely to be a real possibility that battles cancer while enabling a man to keep enjoying life.