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How Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Getting Revolutionized

The type of tumor a patient suffering from prostate cancer has will determine the kind of treatment to be given. Thus, understanding the factors at play, such as the rate of growth of the tumor, as well as the genetic makeup of the patient is essential to develop an effective plan for treating the disease.

  • A study: A group of 248 people with prostate cancer at different stages, and had undergone treatment for it were a part of a massive study conducted by Belfast’s Queen’s University. The medical company Almac Diagnostics recently came up with a biomarker used in expressing genes which they call the metastatic assay. This is useful in quickly determining the genetics of the tumor, and finding out the type and rate of growth- whether it is aggressive, or slow growing. This test was found to be highly effective.
  • New advancements made: The current methods used for diagnosis of the disease include taking a biopsy, scan, or a blood test to figure out the type of cancer, and developing a good treatment plan can be difficult. The assay has been proven to be much better than these conventional methods according to the results of two different studies. It can easily identify men who need intense therapy.
  • Possible treatments: Options available to treat prostate cancer are radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy are also used. It is estimated that 20 to 30 percent of patients suffer relapsing due to a lack of intense treatment. This new method can help to ensure the correct treatment is given to the right patient.

It is hopful that this pathbreaking study and the data it has provided will help men feel better about their treatment, and whether it is the best one. Doctors believe this study holds a great deal of potential to help prostate cancer patients.