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Worried About Prostate Cancer? Risks You Need to Be Aware Of

As they age, men will find a number of health conditions become more of a possibility. This is so with prostate cancer. It is most commonly diagnosed in men over the age of 65, but becomes a real concern around 40. This particular disease is one that most men would rather not consider, but it’s one they can do something about if they are armed with the facts.

Prostate cancer is considered very survivable if it is detected early and treated properly. While 1 out of 7 men will develop this disease, most men will find treatments lead to very positive outcomes.

Routine screenings that include a physical examination of the prostate along with a blood test can help with early detection. It can also be important for men to understand their basic risks for developing the disease.

Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

While the research jury is still out on a lot of the factors that may lead to the development of prostate cancer, some risk factors are well documented. They include:

  • Age – The risk for developing this form of cancer simply goes up for all men as they age.
  • Race – Research shows that the risk for prostate cancer is higher among black men followed by white. All men, however, are at risk for the condition as they get older.
  • Diet – While research is ongoing to find out more about the link between diet and prostate cancer, some conclusions have been drawn. Men who consume diets that are high in fat, especially meat-based fats, are more likely to develop the disease.

Prostate cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer. If it does develop, early detection can very well lead to a positive outcome. This simple fact makes those annual screenings very important for men. They may, in fact, be lifesavers.