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Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Men Can Address

With an estimated 220,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed annually in the United States alone, preventing the disease is a good plan for men as they age. While some of the risk factors, such as ethnicity, age and heredity, cannot be addressed, there are measures men can take to reduce other risks. Some of the more common risk factors, as it turns out, are lifestyle-related issues that men have the power to tackle on their own.

If it’s time to get healthier and reduce the chances for prostate cancer, here are some of the risk factors men do have control over:

  • Diet – While there’s no definitive link between diet and prostate cancer development, diet does play a huge role in overall health. Some studies have pointed to a possible connection between red meat and high-fat dairy products in the development of prostate cancer. To lower risks, or simply get a better handle on overall health, men should eat healthy, balanced diets that are low in fat and high in nutrients.


  • Red meat doesn’t have to be left behind entirely, but moderation can prove rather valuable here.


  • Obesity – This particular risk factor isn’t definitive either, but a number of studies link obesity with more serious cases of prostate cancer. To get a handle on this, consider working that healthy diet into the routine while also adding exercise into the mix.


  • Smoking – This particular habit is a risk factor in the development of all kinds of cancer. Quitting smoking can improve health dramatically while also helping lower the risks for not only prostate cancer, but also lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and other serious medical issues.


Prostate cancer isn’t always avoidable, but there are steps men can take to improve their chances of remaining cancer free. Leading a healthy lifestyle that’s active and supported by a balanced diet can make a huge difference.