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What is Prostate Cancer – Know more about it

Defining prostate cancer is something that every man should be concerned with. As the second most commonly occurring form of cancer next to skin cancer, this disease strikes about 1 out of every 6 men in their lifetimes. When it’s caught early and treated properly, the survival rate is extremely high. In fact, most men diagnosed with this condition have a very strong chance of beating it.

Prostate cancer starts at the cellular level and is characterized by a replication of mutated cells that begin to form a mass or tumor. As they continue to replicate, cancerous cells can spread to other parts of the body and may cause death if left untreated.

What is Prostate Cancer Treatment?

When a man receives a diagnosis of prostate cancer, there are a number of treatment options open, depending on the state of the disease and whether it has spread or not. In some cases, surgical procedures to remove the prostate and surrounding cancerous tissue may be in order. In others, alternative forms of therapy might be indicated that are less invasive. They include:

  • Seed implantation – This form of therapy calls for the implantation of tiny radioactive seeds near the prostate. These seeds are designed to kill off the cancer cells while helping most men avoid the complications commonly associated with surgical procedures, such as penile dysfunction.
  • Radiation therapy – Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment of prostate cancer might involve higher doses of radiation. In some cases, high dose seeds will be implanted. In others, radiation beam therapy may be called for.

Prostate cancer is something all men should be concerned with by about the age of 50. When caught early, this once deadly disease can be treated with great success.