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Prostate Cancer: Know Your Risk Level

Like most medical conditions that can be potentially fatal, prostate cancer has its share of risks that can be addressed and those that men have no control over. Understanding the overall risk for development of this disease – and addressing those points that can be changed – can set a man up for a greater potential for good health.

Risks Men Can Change

While much research is still being done in relation to a number of potential risk factors for prostate cancer, strong enough links have been determined for medical professionals to often recommend men wishing to lower their chances while improving their health consider:

  • Eating right – Diet does seem to play a role in the development of prostate cancer. Men who consume high-fat diets are more likely to develop the disease. The recommendation here is to eat a health, well-balanced diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables.


  • Losing weight – There does seem to be a possible connection between weight and prostate cancer. With that in mind, exercising and eating right to maintain a healthy weight are good ideas.


  • Quitting smoking – While this bad habit hasn’t been directly linked to development of prostate cancer, it has been linked with mortality from the disease. Quitting can improve health in a number of other arenas, as well.


Risks That Can’t Be Changed

There are some risk factors men cannot address. They include:

  • Age – This disease is more common in men as they age with risk levels rising from about 40 and up.


  • Family history – There does seem to be a potential for a genetic link here.


  • Race – Men of African-American descent seem to be at higher risk. All men, however, see their risk go up as they age.


Prostate cancer isn’t an enjoyable topic, but it’s one men should not ignore. Early detection and treatment can lead to very positive outcomes.