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Options for Advance Prostate Cancer Treatment

There’s simply no way around it: a diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary. Fortunately, many men will find that advance prostate cancer treatment has come a long way in the past few years. What was once almost a guaranteed prognosis of lengthy treatment and the potential for sexual dysfunction has become much simpler to treat with the likelihood of fewer side effects.

Treatment Choices

While the best advance prostate cancer treatment option will depend on the severity of the cancer, doctors have a number of tools at their disposal these days that are designed to help men not only battle the disease successfully, but also keep sexual function intact. Here are a few of the choices that don’t necessarily involve radical surgery that can have permanent impacts:

  • Seed implantation – Also known as Brachytherapy, this advance prostate cancer treatment involves the implantation of tiny radioactive seeds or pellets near the prostate. This effectively kills cancer cells while having a very minimal chance of producing sexual dysfunction. This form of therapy is quick and mostly painless, offering men a chance to beat cancer without a host of serious side effects.
  • High dose radiation – This treatment involves the implantation of radioactive seeds for a short period of time. The dose of radioactive material is much higher than in traditional seed therapy.
  • External beam radiation – This involves the use of a targeted dose of external radiation meant to kill off cancer cells.
  • Combination therapy – It’s not uncommon for advance prostate cancer treatment to involve a combination of therapies meant to not only stop cancer in its tracks, but also to prevent its spread to other parts of the body.

Extreme surgery is no longer the only option for advance prostate cancer treatment. Men diagnosed with this condition should review all their options with their doctor to find the best course of action for their distinct case.