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The Obesity and Prostate Cancer Link

Most people understand that obesity can have very negative impacts on health. From increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke to making it difficult for people to maintain stamina, being overweight can take its toll.

But, what about prostate cancer? Is there a link between weight and the development of this disease that men should be aware of?

The answer to that is an absolute yes. While being obese doesn’t mean the disease will form with 100 percent certainty, it does raise the risk factors enough to make addressing weight important.

Researchers have found that obesity on its own is not necessarily a risk factor for the development of the disease. That said, however, obese men who do get a positive diagnosis of prostate cancer tend to suffer from more aggressive forms of this cancer. While the reason for this is unclear, the potential danger is there nonetheless.

Some studies have also indicated that obese men are more likely to present with advanced prostate cancer. Some also indicate a greater risk for mortality from prostate cancer when a man is obese.

Breaking the Link

Obesity is a risk factor in a number of very serious diseases. While being overweight doesn’t mean prostate cancer is a given outcome, addressing this risk factor is something men can do on their own. Unlike genetic links, obesity can be changed.

If it’s time to lose weight to improve overall health status while reducing the risk for disease potential, men should consider working exercise and a balanced, healthy diet into their regular routines. Before making dramatic changes to lifestyle and routine, consult a physician to ensure a safety weight-loss plan is being followed.

While obesity isn’t a direct risk factor for prostate cancer development, it can signal more serious cases. Tackling the potential is possible by taking the necessary measures to shed pounds in a healthy, safe manner.