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New Treatment Can Help Cancer Patients Keep Their Hair

Chemotherapy treatments are not without their share of potential side effects. From the nausea and fatigue that patients must suffer through to the strong potential of hair loss, each one makes fighting a positive diagnosis of cancer a very tough proposition no matter how it’s cracked. A new treatment, however, may have unlocked the key to helping patients maintain their hair throughout chemotherapy treatments.

This treatment option has a number of different brand names based on the specific device used, but it’s generally what’s known as cold cap therapy. This involves the use of a special cap that is placed on the head before, during and after chemotherapy treatments. The cap is brought down into the freezing temperature range and essentially protects the hair follicles from damage as chemotherapy drugs surge through the veins.

Cold cap therapy has been used in Europe and has recently made its way across the pond. Researchers in California have been delving into its success and have indicated the findings are quite positive with most patients keeping their hair. Official results are not yet available.

Although new, some oncologists in America are offering cold cap therapy for women and men alike to ease this side effect that tends to cause self-esteem problems for those facing cancer treatments. Since it is new, insurance may not cover the procedure, but many doctors are doing their part to help make it as available to patients as possible. While it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that hair loss won’t go along with chemo, cold cap therapy offers a strong chance for those who use it with every treatment, as directed, to keep most if not all of their hair.

Patients interested in learning more about cold cap therapy can speak with their oncologist about this option. While some of the side effects of the lifesaving chemo process cannot be avoided entirely, hair loss may no longer be one of them.