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Exercise and Prostate Cancer: Do the Two Combine?

As more studies uncover a link between the development of more aggressive forms of prostate cancer and obesity, researchers want to find out if exercise can make a difference. Whether getting physical can actually help slow the disease’s progression and stop it from spreading remains to be seen. But, there are some who believe a real difference may be realized if men with the disease got up and got moving.

The study into the role exercise may play in helping keep the disease in check once it’s presented is just now getting under way. Results won’t be available for some time to come. In the meantime, men looking to lower their prostate cancer risks or help keep their bodies in the best shape possible after diagnosis may find these steps help:

  • Eat healthy –A well-balanced diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins can help fuel the body to fight off all manner of diseases.
  • Avoiding tobacco use –Tobacco use, smoking especially, has been linked to a wide number of cancers. Kicking the habit can greatly reduce risks.
  • Keep weight in check –Obesity has been linked to a number of cancers. While it has not been definitively linked to the formation of prostate cancer, it is strongly linked to the spread of the disease and an increase in aggressiveness if it does form. Keeping weight in check can lower risks for a number of medical concerns.
  • Get active –While researchers are still looking into the benefits of regular aerobic exercise on controlling prostate cancer growth, getting physical in the meantime is still a great way to help keep the body healthy.

Men who want to take an active approach to preventing or treating prostate cancer should speak with their healthcare providers. Starting an exercise routine without medical clearance can be a dangerous proposition for some. It’s best to receive guidance first.