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Does Diet Play a Role in Prostate Cancer?

As men reach middle age it’s not at all uncommon for them to start worrying about health and such issues as the potential for prostate cancer development. After all, screening for this particular form of the disease tends to begin around the age of 40. Preventing its development is, of course, a priority for many. Diet is one of the few risk factors that men can take control over.

Diet and Prostate Cancer

The complete role of diet in prostate cancer development is still under study. Researchers, however, do list poor dietary intake as a possible risk factor for disease development. Some studies, in fact, have uncovered a connection between high-fat diets with an elevated risk for prostate cancer. This is especially so when the high fat comes from animal sources.

While the research is still out, many doctors believe a healthier diet with lower intake of animal fats may help prevent prostate cancer formation for some men.

What to Eat

When it’s time to start eating better to reduce the risks of not only prostate cancer, but a host of other diseases, research is clear on the type of diet people should consume. Overall, the best recommendation is a diet that’s rich in vegetables and fruit, low-fat meats, grain and low-fat dairy products. While splurging once in a while is expected, maintaining a diet that is healthy on a regular basis can make a difference in health overall.

While the complete role diet plays in prostate cancer formation remains under study, enough strong connections between poor diet and this disease exist to make eating smarter a wise choice. While there’s no guarantee men can prevent prostate cancer – or any other disease – by altering diet to be healthier, the action can have very positive effects.