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Does Diet Play a Role in Prostate Cancer Formation?

Nearly 28,000 people die each year from prostate cancer. An estimated 221,000 new cases of the disease are diagnosed each year, as well. These two facts combine to make it clear that men need to take an aggressive stance to prevent this form of cancer from developing. When prevention isn’t possible, early detection is critical for survival rates.

There are a number of risk factors that can indicate whether a man is likely to form this particular type of cancer. The links between age, family history, ethnicity, and even geography are fairly clear. Diet, however, is one of the factors that still requires some study. With that said, there are some  rather interesting connections between diet and prostate cancer development. The good news is that many of the links are those men can easily address simply by adjusting dietary intake.

While researchers have not determined the exact role of diet in prostate cancer, there are links that show diets rich in high-fat dairy products and red meat are connected to a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Men who eat only small amounts of vegetables and fruits also seem more likely to develop the disease. There are also some studies that indicate men who have a high calcium intake in their daily diet are more likely to develop the disease. Normal calcium intake levels, however, don’t seem to have an impact.

Eating for Prevention

Although diet and prostate cancer risk haven’t been definitively linked, there are some steps men can take to improve overall health and perhaps lower their risks in the process. The best approach is eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and grains. That’s not to say an occasional steak is out of the question, but moderation is the key for overall good health.

While researchers are still working to see if diet plays a critical role in prostate cancer formation, a balanced diet has benefits that ripple well beyond this particular disease. Men who want to improve overall health should consider a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients and low in fat and other undesirable traits.