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A Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. Now What?

Those who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are thrust into a world where there are many more questions than there are answers. And they are not alone. An estimated 232,090 American men will find themselves in exactly this position in the coming year. An estimated 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with this condition over the course of their lifetimes. Some 8 percent develop rather significant symptoms and 3 percent die from the disease.

Prostate cancer is more commonly diagnosed in older men. By the age of 50, about a third of all American men show trace signs of prostate cancer. This rises to about three quarters of men by the age of 75.

About the Cancer

So what is prostate cancer? This can be answered by the same basic biological facts as any other form of cancer. When this condition is present, normally healthy cells begin to mutate and don’t die off. Healthy cells grow, divide, and die off naturally. When cancer is present, the cells do not die like they should. Instead, they form a mass known as a tumor.

About Diagnosis

Prostate cancer screening is a relatively routine procedure that’s performed on a regular basis during routine checkups. The testing typically involves a digital exam and may include bloodwork. Most men start undergoing routine screening around the age of 50, but sometimes sooner.

Treatment Options

How is prostate cancer treated? There are a number of options available to men including surgical procedures, radiation, and the use of prostate seed implants. The best treatment option depends on the individual in question, the progression of the disease, and doctor and patient preference.