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Being Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer – And Dealing With It

When told that you have prostate cancer, understandably your first reaction is shock, and maybe disbelief. After all, it is a disease that doesn’t show many symptoms, and occurs in only one out of seven men in the US. However, it could affect anyone, and thus, it is okay to think about what you would do in such a situation.

The most important thing is to undergo annual health checkups, especially for measuring the presence of prostate specific antigen. This may be slightly inaccurate at times, but it is best to do so.

  • Eat healthy and work out: The best thing to do is live a healthy life to reduce your chances of getting a disease. Eat lots of cruciferous veggies, and make sure you exercise, as well as visit your doctor every year. Get a rectal exam, and PSA test, just in case. Ensure that your results don’t show any anomalies, and if they do, your doctor will recommend the next steps to be taken.
  • Retake the tests to be sure and get awareness: Once you have been diagnosed, get a second opinion to be sure; read up on the disease, and all the options you have. There is plenty of literature available, both as books and online sites. Make sure you’re aware of what comes next, and the kind of life you can lead.
  • Talk to your doctor about your options: For each case of cancer, the options available differ. Your physician will know best about your next course of action. Consult them about whether active intervention therapy is better than active surveillance.

While it may seem deeply concerning, with the help of your doctor, friends and family, you will get through it. Remember, a healthy life-style and early detection is important for beating this disease.