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Creating Awareness of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancer types among men, and to celebrate the fourth iteration of Bowvember, the non-profit-organization, Procure has allied itself with the famed and fashionable designer Philippe Dubuc to create a bowtie to stand as a beacon to illuminate the battle being waged against prostate cancer. The 2017 bowtie, which is fashionable for the best reason possible, was created for this express reason.

  • 30 celebrities to support Procure’s cause: Thirty celebrities have chosen to work with Procure and act as ambassadors, in groups of two to commit to ensuring an increased awareness about prostate cancer. All of them participated in the photoshoot, and wore the signature bowtie, each in a singularly individual fashion during the process which was conducted by Sandrine Castellan, a worker from Shoot Studio.
  • Money from bowtie sales to be donated: The bowtie was made by another nonprofit organization – Petites-Mains, by immigrants and single moms, as the organization aims to help them learn a trade and re-enter the workforce. The bowtie can be bought for 35 dollars at or at any of the retailers who participated in this venture. The aim is to raise half a million dollars for Procure.
  • Fundraiser party to happen as well: Apart from sharing pictures with the bowtie and the hashtag #bowvember, people also bought tickets to the Bow Tie Fundraising party that was held on the 23th of November at the William Gray hotel.

Procure welcomes donations. The organization was started in 2003 to help ensure research in prostate cancer targeted towards preventing and curing this disease.