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Can Eating Right Lower Prostate Cancer Risks?

With more than 180,000 American men likely to face down a diagnosis of prostate cancer in the coming year, many of those at risk seek out ways to drop their personal exposure to this disease. While many of the risk factors for prostate cancer are not changeable, studies are showing there are some steps men can take to lower their risk of developing more aggressive forms of the disease. Eating right happens to be one of those ways.

A recent study, in fact, found that men who eat plant-rich diets can lower their risk of highly aggressive prostate cancer forming. While this dietary choice might not prevent prostate cancer entirely, it can improve the odds that if a case forms it will be highly treatable, researchers say.

The study in question involved more than 1,800 men of both African-American and Caucasian ethnicities. Men who ate diets that were rich in vegetables, especially those high in flavonoids, were much less likely to present with aggressive prostate cancer, researchers found. The reduced risk was about 25 percent, which is considered statistically significant.

All men are technically at risk for the development of prostate cancer. This disease tends to strike men as they age with most cases diagnosed in men age 65 or older. Aggressive prostate cancer is rare, but it can be especially difficult to treat. Lower risk forms of the disease are, however, considered highly treatable when they are caught early. The five-year survival rate for prostate cancer tends to be very high as a result. Even so, about 26,000 American men do die from this disease each year.

Men who are concerned about their prostate cancer risks should talk to their doctors about an assessment. While not always preventable, there are some steps men can take to lower their risks. Eating right, at least, can help lower the chances of more deadly forms of this disease from developing.