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Can Diet Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer?

We have come a long way in terms of understanding the food/body connection. We now understand on an intellectual level – even if we ignore it so we can enjoy our favorite foods – that what we put in our body can impact our health beyond our weight. Poor diet and increased body weight can also result in a variety of health conditions including cancer.

As we better understand the impact that diet can have on the growth of cancer cells, we are given the tools to potentially lower our risk for developing disease as a result of what we eat. And new information evolves every day.

For men who want to better understand the role that their eating habits can have on developing such diseases as prostate cancer, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. We have for a long time known that increased consumption of red meat can increase our risk for prostate cancer. But now, there’s evidence that a vegan diet – devoid of both meat and dairy products – may significantly lower our risk of developing prostate cancer.

Information evolves everyday but here’s what we do know.

  • Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables provides our body with a host of nutrients and can lower our risk for developing a variety of cancers. Vegan men naturally tend to eat more fruits and vegetables.


  • Veganism also naturally lowers the amount of cholesterol that we consume and high levels of cholesterol have been shown to increase the risk for cancer.


  • A high fat diet, especially animal fats such as red meat and full fat dairy, can increase body weight and increase risk for developing cancer.


  • Contrary to veganism, incorporating some fish into diet – especially fatty fish with high levels of omega-3s such as salmon – can reduce risk of cancer. For those who do not wish to eat fish, however, flaxseed can also deliver omega-3s into the diet.


The benefits of eating a healthy diet are nothing new. It’s important for many reasons including keeping weight at a healthy level as well as reducing the risk for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. but there’s much evidence to suggest that diet can also play a significant role in reducing cancer risk, making it an important topic to further explore.