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Dr. Gregory Echt


A message from Dr. Gregory Echt: Prostate Cancer Specialist

There is hope for prostate cancer patients.

It is time to break the silence about prostate cancer. We should keep in mind not only the increased incidence of this disease, but that, in many cases, a diagnosis of prostate cancer is not a major lifestyle change and certainly not a death sentence.

Dr. Gregory Echt

Dr. Gregory A. Echt is the founder and Medical Director of the Prostate Seed Institute. Through the Institute, Dr. Echt’s vision of providing the most modern, non-surgical treatment for prostate cancer at multiple locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to succeed. To date he has performed prostate seed implantation therapy on more than 2,500 men, including urologists and other radiation oncologists.

Dr. Gregory Echt and his team at the Prostate Seed Institute offer the most highly sophisticated methods of radiation therapy available in the United States, equal to that found in major medical centers and academic settings. These include prostate seed implantation, high dose radiation implants, and external beam radiation therapy with image-guided and intensity-modulated (IGRT and IMRT) capabilities.

Today Dr. Echt leads a team of more than 25 professionals including physicists, dosimentrists, radiation technologists, and nurses in radiation oncology programs at Las Colinas Cancer Center, Medical City Hospital in Dallas, and North Texas Cancer Center of Wise in Decatur. Dr. Echt is the Medical Director of the Presbyterian Hospital of Plano Cancer Center. Dr. Echt also provides treatment in private surgery centers across the north Texas region. In addition, he is involved in clinical research for prostate cancer advancements.

Echt earned his medical degree at Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed an internship and residency at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. He is board-certified in radiation oncology by the American Board of Radiology, has published numerous articles, and is active in many medical societies.

In addition to his many medical accomplishments, Dr. Echt has still found time to give back to the community and his patients. He coordinated the Four Reasons Resort and Club Terry Fox Run/Golf Festival benefiting the Irving Cancer Society and founded “Cappuccino Corner,” a coffee bar benefiting the Irving Healthcare Foundation. Through these activities, Dr. Echt has been able to assist the funding of cancer research while he practices the latest and finest technology.

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Special Projects:

Clinical Research for Prostate Seed Implantation Outcomes –

Clinical research is an important component of cancer treatment. Dr. Echt is involved in and closely follows clinical research for patients who receive prostate seed implants.

Thyroid Disease:

The treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer is a special focus for Dr. Echt.

Breast Cancer – Mammosite therapy:

Breast cancer patients now have an new option for radiation treatement. Mammosite therapy reduces radiation visits from thirty-five treatments to five treatments twice a day. It is appropriate for about 30% of patients. Dr. Echt strongly believes this therapy should be available as an option for patients. He recently began offering mammosite therapy at Medical City Hospital.

High Dose-Rate Therapy:

At Medical City Dallas Hospital, Dr. Echt initiated, developed, and implemented the hospital-based high dose rate remote afterloading brachytherapy program

Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery:

This therapy is appropriate for cancer patients with primary brain tumors or with cancer that has metastasized to the brain. Dr. Echt is active in this program at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital.

Irving Cancer Center:

Dr. Echt founded Irving Cancer Center, a division of Baylor Medical Center Irving and was Medical Director from 1991 to 2001.

High Dose-Rate Therapy:

At Edwards Cancer Center, a division of Harris Methodist HEB, Dr. Echt initiated, developed, and implemented the hospital-based high dose rate remote afterloading brachytherapy program

Associations & Committees:

American Society for
Therapeutic Radiology
and Oncology
American College of
Radiation Oncology
Dallas County
Medical Society
American College
of Radiology
Texas Radiology


Medical City
Dallas Cancer
Medical City
Dallas Radiation
Safety Committee
American Society of Clinical Oncology