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All about the Prostate Seed Institute

One of the scariest moments in a man’s life can be when a doctor delivers a prostate cancer diagnosis. Each year it is estimated that around 180,000 men in the US are diagnosed. Luckily, they don’t have to face this path alone. The Prostate Seed Institute is a leading prostate cancer treatment center: they help their patients throughout the treatment process and offer support afterwards.

In the treatment of prostate cancer, the founder of the Prostate Seed Institute, Dr. Gregory Echt, is considered among the best radiation oncologists that are currently performing the procedure for prostate seed implants. This radiation therapy has been proven to be highly effective, and Dr. Echt has practiced medicine for more than thirty years, performing this implant procedure on thousands of men who are living with prostate cancer. Some of his patients actually include other urologists and radiation oncologists.

The Prostate Seed Institute offers prostate cancer treatment options performed by a team of radiation oncologists including Dr. Echt:

  • External Beam Radiation Therapy (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy, IMRT, and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy, IGRT)
  • Prostate Seed Implants (Internal Radiation Therapy)
  • High Dose Rate Radiation Therapy (HDR)
  • Combination Therapy (selective therapies tailored to the needs of the specific patient)

Working directly with families and patients, the Prostate Seed Institute will determine which of the treatment options is best suited for each patient. The institute prides itself on helping its patients understand their diagnosis and its specifics as well as help to empower their patients to ask questions and explore all treatment options presented to them.

The primary goal of this prostate cancer clinic is to ensure each patient is guided through a plan that sets them up for the best possible outcomes for their specific case, tailoring all treatment plans to the unique needs and circumstances particular to each patient.

As frightening and life-changing as a prostate cancer diagnosis can be, full remission is possible when the patient has the right treatment plan. The cure rate for prostate cancer is fairly high, considering that almost 90% of all prostate cancer patients receive a diagnosis before the cancer has metastasized. When prostate cancer is treated in this early stage (when it is still localized), after five years, close to 100% of all patients are expected to be disease-free, according to American Cancer Society research.

Unfortunately, despite the high cure rate, prostate cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer for men. Because this cancer is so common, the Prostate Seed Institute provides some of the most comprehensive treatment options such as External Beam Radiation Therapy (IGRT and IMRT) and High Dose Radiation Therapy (HDR), in addition to being a leading expert in the least invasive and one of the most promising treatment forms: Brachytherapy, commonly known as Prostate Seed Implantation. The treatment center also offers combination therapy options.

Since 1989, Dr. Gregory Echt has treated thousands of men using prostate seed implantation therapy. Among the fastest-growing treatment options for men with prostate cancer, this treatment remains the preferred method of treatment used by Dr. Echt. Brachytherapy is minimally invasive and is a non-surgical procedure which reduces recovery time, limits side-effects, and greatly reduces the chances for complications compared to more invasive surgical procedures. Another positive outcome of this therapy is that it is quick and virtually painless.

The Prostate Seed Institute has a proven track record in providing their patients with superior care. With the guidance of Dr. Gregory Echt, the institute’s team of expert medical professionals assists men through the full process of prostate cancer treatment: beginning with the diagnosis, subsequent testing, up through the recovery period and more. The staff at the institute are dedicated to helping patients understand the details of their diagnosis and disease in addition to guiding them through the process of selecting a therapy treatment plan that works best for their lifestyle. The Prostate Seed Institute prides itself on ensuring patients can achieve the highest possible success with treatment while maintaining a good quality of life by minimizing side effects as much as possible.

Veterans with Prostate Cancer
Many Veterans now have the option to receive non-VA health care rather than waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility. The new VA Choice Program, which began November 5, 2014, will cover non-VA care for eligible Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare. Dr. Echt is proud to be an American and enjoys working with and helping veterans to overcome prostate cancer. Call to discuss your prostate cancer treatment options such as radiation therapy, prostate seed implants with the best prostate cancer doctors and specialists in Dallas, Texas.